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Getting Past the Reviews

There are more than a couple reviews about e-cigs out there, aren’t there? Like, about 7+ million of them! Most of the reviews you see are about the really well-known brands whether it’s Green Smoke, or V2 or blu. There are plenty for Bull Smoke, Njoy, South Beach. Yup. No shortage there.

I can tell you that for the most part, V2 is my brand, and I’m especially fond of the V2 Pro that packs some powerful vapor. It has a liquid cartridge, and can also take tobacco and crushed herbs in a different cartridge – I don’t personally use the tobacco; however, I’ve been hearing some alternative health people talking about using it to inhale medicinal herbs. There is this Passamaquoddy Indian up in Maine that I’ve met who talks about this extensively, as teachings being passed down for generations from their Elders.

It makes me wonder if he has discovered this particular method of inhaling the loose leaf medium. It’s actually so interesting, and since I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it yet, I found a video with a V2 spokesperson explaining it. I’ve placed it below my article here.

Now, I don’t want to just “push” V2. There are a lot of other companies playing in this vast sandbox, and I’m guessing from the looks of things that there’s room for all of them.

I say that because in this article from the CDC, as of 2011 (so this data is a little bit older), among adults, they estimate that approximately  21% of smokers (that is, those who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes) had already tried and/or used electronic cigarettes. They say that this was up from only about 10% only a year before, in 2010! That’s a serious number of people.

I went over to the Green Smoke website which indicated that they had sold over 28 million products. I went there because they were one of the earlier e-cig companies to hit it big.

But, evidently there is also room for the “little guys” in the field, as evidenced by what they are saying over at - because Smart Smoke is a relatively small, family-owned company in Washington state. And, they seem to be doing ok, because at their site, I notice that there are a lot of outlets carrying their brand. They’re also amassing quite a few positive reviews, so that’s good news for them.

Then, you get the HUGE potential in selling the e-juice, or, the flavored nicotine liquid that is used in the e-cig cartridges. I mean, the numbers are staggering. If you search “e-juice for cartridges,” just that simple term alone brings up over 4 million results in Google, and 500,000 in Bing.

So, how does a newbie to vaping even begin to decide which brand to try? Or which model? Just go with a basic e-cig? Portable personal vaporizer? Stylish and fancy rigs? Or clean, smooth and simple?

It’s honestly so difficult to choose, so what I would suggest to anyone who has yet to become one of the growing percentage of adults who are considering vaping over smoking analogs is to start simple. Try a number of different disposables – you can get them anywhere. If you live in a more popular area, you might try a specialty vape store and ask one of the associates for some recommendations.

Or, you could simply ask some friends who are vaping what they think. Whichever way you decide to go, one thing is for certain: You’ll be hard-pressed to run out of options with e-cigs. After all, there are only so many tobacco brands and options out there, but with e-cigs, the sky is the limit!

V2 Pro Product Line Overview from V2 Cigs on Vimeo

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